Josie Took’s T-Shirt Story

Welcome to my blog.Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.  My name’s Josie and I am a English and Drama grad.  I have decided to do a complete u-turn have gone back to college and am now doing graphic design and guess what I love it.  Three years ago I found myself out of work and having done various jobs which had nothing to do with my degree, I thought better start thinking about what I really want to do.  I restarted painting and eventually started selling at craft fairs and on Etsy.  I made a little money but wasn’t entirely satisfied.  It was time to go back to college and instead of doing art I chose graphics, one of the best moves I’ve ever made.  I’ve still got a lot further to go before I can say I’m a successful designer, but I’ve made a start.

My first move as a designer is to set up a zazzle shop for all those looking to set up a t shirt shop Zazzle is an excellent place to start. You don’t need to buy any merchandise or pay any fees.  You simply upload your designs onto product templates and get at least a 10% royalty if anything sells.  My shop is called TookiesTs.  Here’s some of my work:

funny sheep bar womens tshirtfunny grum pea mens tshirt

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